The institutional investor landscape in Germany is somewhat intransparent and highly fragmented. More than 500 financial institutions manage more than €3 trillion. Over the last five years, the volume of investments has risen by more than €500 billion, with pension funds of the liberal professions (“Versorgungswerke”), health insurance companies and municipal and church supplementary pension funds (“Zusatzversorgungskassen”) growing particularly dynamically. Asset allocation has been in the midst of a continuous transition since the financial crisis due to the prevailing low interest rate environment. Accordingly, pension funds of the liberal professions (“Versorgungswerke”) and company pension funds (“Pensionskassen”) have reduced their share of direct investments in bonds as a percentage of total investments by 30% and 25%, while insurance companies have reduced such investments by 12%. Indirect (fund) investments have increased by more than €400 billion.

In the spring of 2014, GAC began to systematically study institutional investor groups. Since then, we have seen great interest in the GAC reports and received positive feedback from asset managers, fund companies, consultants, investors and the press. Since October 2016, by popular demand, we have also provided information, analyses and reports as well as individual investor profiles in a constantly updated online portal.

The “InstiPortal” offers the following advantages and benefits:
  • Systematic overview of the different investor groups with a capital investment volume of more than €3 trillion (135 company pension funds, 91 pension funds of the liberal professions, over 100 insurance companies, over 80 corporates, 52 municipal and church pension funds, 31 foundations, 33 pension funds and over 100 proprietary custodial accounts (Depot A) investors)
  • Access to extensive reports with trends and developments regarding the structure, asset allocation, performance and balance sheet figures of institutional investors.
  • Access to over 500 detailed investor profiles with the individual structure, asset allocation and performance
  • Special analyses (e.g. distribution of alternative investments, performance of direct real estate holdings, fund holdings, etc.)
  • Annual reports in book form at cost
  • Newsletter (monthly) with information on new content as well as trends and developments
Access to the “InstiPortal” is provided through a subscription that runs for one year to start with. If you are interested in this, please fill out the application form application form and send it back to GAC by email (scanned) or by post. The General Terms and Conditions apply.

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