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GAC with Asset Allocation of Pension Funds in Switzerland in dpn

GAC with the largest insurers in the DACH region in dpn

GAC with Update 2019 on Life Insurance Asset Allocation and Performance

GAC with updates for Pension Funds and Foundations on dpn

GAC in the IPE Asset Management Yearbook 2018 about the equity and real estate exposure of 250 institutional investors

GAC with a ranking of the largest institutional investors in Germany on “Institutional Money”

GAC appears in dpn-online discussing investments by social security funds

GAC with an update to pension funds of liberal professions (dpn)

GAC discusses investments by churches in dpn-online

GAC appears in IPE addressing the structure and performance of proprietary securities account (Depot A) investors

GAC describes asset allocation by the 30 largest foundations in Germany (dpn)

GAC offers an update on asset allocation and performance of life insurance companies (dpn))

GAC discusses institutional investors in Sweden (dpn)

GAC provides an update on asset allocation and performance of the pension funds of the liberal professions (dpn)

GAC discusses the transition of the asset allocation (dpn)

GAC appears in the IPE yearbook addressing asset allocation and performance of corporates

GAC is published in dpn Feb|Mar with an excerpt from the “Versorgungswerke-Report” in 2015

GAC offers advance info on the “Pensionskassen-Report 2015” in dpn Oct|Nov 2015

GAC discusses alternative investments in dpn June | July 2015

GAC addresses company pension funds in Absolut | Report 01|2015

GAC publishes report on company pension funds

GAC releases the second report on the pension funds of the liberal professions

GAC in Absolut | report 3|2014

First report on „Versorgungswerke“ available